A New Perspective: Jolyn Landrie for Clean Beaches Week


Jolyn Landrie

IG: @jolynlandrie

Adoshi: What is your dream for a better, more sustainable world?

Jolyn: For people to stop and think, and also to look around. Reducing waste is not really that difficult. We live in such a throwaway society, that people don’t even realize how wasteful they are being. This is why I started to post all of my clean up photos: to make people wake up. I have been told by so many people that they never thought about the effect of buying cases of water bottles, or how much trash is all over the parks and beaches. Not until they started seeing my posts every day. I just ask that people try to be aware of their waste, and try to reduce it by even 1%. If we all did this, the impact would be huge.

Adoshi: We love your passion for a cleaner planet, and love the photos you upload of your beach cleanups. Will you tell us what drives you to clean the beaches?

Jolyn: The outdoors is my happy place; hiking, birding, kayaking, and walking along the beach to name a few of my favorite activities. I noticed all of the pollution everywhere and decided to turn my aggravation into action. I love wildlife, seeing the plastic bottles floating next to Egrets, the fishing line and hooks wrapped around trees, and the piles of trash surrounding Sea Turtle nests was just too infuriating. We have a beautiful planet, full of beautiful things, and I want to try to make people aware of how much we are not taking care of it. I’m not the kind of person who sits around complaining about problems, I do something about them.

Adoshi: What is the easiest way people can begin minimizing their carbon footprint?

Jolyn: I always ask people to try to reduce their waste. It can be as simple as purchasing a reusable water bottle and water filter, as well as bringing reusable bags when you go shopping. If people start small, they will realize how easy it is.

Adoshi: Has anything been harder than expected in terms of minimizing your waste?

Jolyn: Yes, shampoo and conditioner. The bars just do not work well with my type of hair. I do keep searching though.

Adoshi: Will you explain what eco-friendly means to you?

Jolyn: Being aware of the impact that you are making on our planet. Taking steps to reduce your waste, and making sure that the waste that you do make is being disposed of correctly. Respecting our wildlife and our wild areas is of utmost importance as well.

Adoshi: What is your favorite product currently on Adoshi?

Jolyn: The tee shirts. I love that your company does research on each company before selling its products. There are sadly so many scam companies trying to market “eco-friendly” these days.


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