Meet The Team: Ally de la Cuesta

Hi Ally, we're so glad to have you on the team, and think that everybody should hear about the amazing things you do. Will you tell us a little bit about what you do at Adoshi?
Thanks! I am the Social Media Intern here at Adoshi. I design and choose the daily content for our social media accounts. I make posts that I believe capture our mission and image. I also choose what platforms we are on, and generate daily content for all of you. I base my posts and Instagram stories on a variety of eco-friendly and sustainable tips, fashion, and news that I am constantly researching. I strategize ways to engage our followers and really connect people with the Adoshi brand and mission. 
How has your internship been?
The internship has been amazing honestly. My boss has been so supportive and really spikes my creativity. I love working for a company that has a do-good mission and I can be proud of my work here. I am given so much freedom to try out different ideas and I am really grateful for that. I enjoyed learning new things and challenging myself. 
What's something you'll miss the most?
I’ll miss being a part of Adoshi and the decision-making process. I feel like I have really connected with the brand and the people who are a part of it. I will miss the creativity I was able to express managing Adoshi’s social media. It allowed me to design aesthetically pleasing content that has a good message attached. I will always keep up to date with Adoshi’s progression and journey.
Did you learn anything about sustainability or any interesting facts?
I learned a lot about the terminology such as ethical vs eco-friendly. I learned more about the little things you can do to make a difference such as using your coffee grounds as fertilizer for your garden. There were also some very incredible sustainable inventions and ideas I discovered that were very impressive. Like, the Nui Design Studio lamps that contain a beautiful plant and require no water. Overall, I became more informed and conscious about practices towards a better future. 
What would you recommend other interns do, to get the most out of any internships they work? 
I would recommend that you are very upfront about what you would like to get out of your internship. It is important to talk about skills you would like to gain or knowledge you would like to inquire so you are really making the most out of your experience. Not every internship has the same environment, so you need to feel that out ahead of time. I lucked out with Adoshi.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
It is hard to determine the future but I would hope that I am in a position where I can be creative and make things come to life. I would like to be the creative mind behind the marketing or planning of a television show, brand, or cause. Ideally, this would be a role in art, fashion, or a charitable organization. In 5 years, I would like to be working with people who have similar goals and encourage me further in my growth. 


We're going to miss you a lot, Ally! Thanks for being so great. 


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