Meet A Conscious Shopper: Monica Rosquillas from GirlForACleanWorld

Adoshi: What sparked your passion for green living?
Monica Rosquillas: I think it's been a life-long process, but what really sparked a change in me was working as an Environmental Educator and teaching kids about the Pacific Garge Patch, albatrosses eating plastic, and our lanfdills filling up. I did a lot of research as an educator and that's what really sparked my passion.

: What does your everyday life consist of?
MR: My life is pretty routine at the moment.

Every morning I get woken up by my dog, Apolo, at around 5:45 am for our daily trip to the park. At the park I sometimes pick up litter, after all, I officially adopted them through the adopt-a-beach program!

We get home around 6:45 and after eating a light breakfast of oats I get ready for work. I drive my electric car to the trolley station and take the trolley into downtown San Diego. Driving would take about the same time or less but I'd be stuck in traffic, spend more money, consume more resources, and add one more car to the road. I work as the Community Coordinator at the San Diego Green Building Council and my work days consist of event coordinating, membership management, and working on local government partnerships. I love my job because we truly work towards a sustainable built environment!

I take the same route back and get home around 6 pm. At this time I usually prepare something to eat then and something for the next day. I like cooking plant based meals bought without making waste, so it's a lot of bulk dried foods and fresh fruits and vegetables. It's usually stir frys or roasted vegetables with quinoa, rice, or millet and a side salad. By 7:30 I'm all done with cooking and cleaning and ready to relax! Fernando (my boyfriend) and I are currently on season 5 of Game of Thrones, so we watch an episode and go to bed around 9:30pm.

A: What does "green living" mean to you?
MR: One of my favorte quotes is from Jane Goodall and it says
"You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." To me, green living means living our life in a way in which our choices don't negatively impact the natural world around us. It's about being consicous consumers and mindful of the world we're leaving behind for future generations. Green living differs for everyone depending on their location, their resources, and their access to education. Currently, green living for me means: Eating plant based for most meals, producing as little waste as possible by reducing, reusing, and recylcing and being conscious of and reducing my energy use.

What was the hardest thing you had to do to have a "green" life?
This is a hard question, not necessarily because I find green living hard, but I just can't really think of anything. Sure, there have been many challenges, but I've been able to overcome them and have now created new greener habits. I guess for me the hardest part, but also most rewarding, has been overcoming my insecurities and speaking up for myself. Becuase I am usually going against the current I have to frequently ask to use my own cup, for no straw, no bag or plastic plate, etc. This doesn't come easy for me but I'm grateful for the chance to do it, it's only made me a more confident person.

A: What’s your ideal goal for yourself? How about for the world, in general?
MR: My goal for myself is to live a happy life and give back to the world.

I have so many goals for the world! I'd love to see a world where environmentalism doesn't exists because it's just the norm. Where people eat sustainable, healthy food, animals are treated with respect, and every human being is aware of it's connection and dependance to mother nature. I'd like to see oceans clean of plastic and other pollutants and thriving with marine life. A world where humankind can evolve and develop while at the same time regenerating the resources we consume that make it all possible.

: Where is the best place for people to follow your journey online?
MR: You can follow my daily journey on Instagram at @girlforacleanworld.
I also have a blog, although I'm much more active on Insta.


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