My experience at Adoshi; The thoughts of a former intern.


My experience at Adoshi
Charlott Gross; Social Media internship


    My time as a member of the Adoshi team was an incredibly valuable experience in the development of my career. Adoshi is truly unique in its mission, and therefore allowed me to get in at the ground level of a field that is growing rapidly. The internship truly embodied the qualities of the start-up experience I was looking for; the responsibility to contribute creatively, opportunities to build skills in business communication, and the chance to work for a company which genuinely works to improve the world. By providing consistent feedback and support, the Adoshi team helped me develop my understanding of marketing and business in general.

    While working at Adoshi, I was given a significant (but of course, manageable) responsibility which allowed me to explore the multi-faceted field of marketing. Through creative brainstorming sessions, I learned how to create an attention grabbing caption and social media direction with the purpose of inspiring interest in the company and its products. Furthermore, I was provided with the opportunity to practice graphic design while creating images for posts. Communication within the field itself was likewise a huge area of growth for me, as I often corresponded with business partners and social media figures in order to bring on new products and to organize promotional campaigns. I learned how to work on my own time, how to work with a team that is located all over the country, and how to get people to pay attention to Adoshi’s content.

    I would recommend to anyone with a genuine desire to better the world to apply to an internship at Adoshi. Adoshi rewards passion, and you will truly get out of this internship as much as you put in. Every task I undertook during my time on the team was valuable and contributed to the company in a significant way. Adoshi thinks about how to do things differently, and will therefore give you a competitive edge in a field that is searching for innovative thinkers. 

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