About Us

Adoshi (Uh-Doe-She) is an online store of proven eco-friendly, ethically sourced,
and socially conscious products


Our Story

Adoshi was officially launched as a password only website in 2017. Based in Washington D.C., we are focused on doing what's right.

This means combing the supply chain with a fine tooth comb, doing in-depth analysis of materials used, and evaluating the labor practices behind each product we sell.

Doing the right thing isn't always easy. A lot of debating, thorough evaluation, and even interrogating - takes place behind the scenes here at Adoshi. Life is complicated, but doing the right thing shouldn't be. 

This is where Adoshi comes in.

We do the hard work so you don't have to. We're fighting slave labor, throw away culture, climate change, and unethical practices one shopping cart at a time.


Our Founder & Team

CEO, Founder, and Head Skeptic:
Mark Ventura
COO, Keep Us On Track:
Ema Savic
Design, Make Us Look Cool:
Colin Withrow
UX/UI, Create a pleasant experience:
Reksha Rathnam
Web-design, Build the website:
Jessica Susanto

A Good Company By Adoshi's Standards


Eco Friendly

Simply put: does the production of this product leave the planet better than we found it? Earth produces a finite number of resources. Products shouldn't deplete more than the planet can regenerate. 


Ethically Sourced

Where was it made? How much were the workers paid? Were any corners cut? A product isn't "good" if it has a sketchy past.


Socially Conscious

Products sold on Adoshi are from brands that contribute to their communities, give to charity, and stand for a bigger cause. Adoshi-endorsed brands use business to do good.

How You Can Help


1. Talk to your friends

We are a tiny fish in a big sea of low-price whales. In a world where everyone wants things cheap and fast, it can be difficult changing mindsets. Your friends will listen to you though. Talk to them about the reasons behind their purchases. Discuss Adoshi with them.

2. Engage us online

Like our posts on your favorite social media platform. It helps us reach new people, and it demonstrates that Adoshi has friends who agree that we should spend our days alive making the world a better place. Also, it costs you zero money to do!

3. Contact us

We want to hear from you. What do you think makes a company "good?" Do you know of an amazing company making long-lasting products? Reach out to us and share a link to their website.

Vision & Roadmap


Adoshi opens website to public

June 2017


Surfs Up is our motto. Click below to learn why.

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We're looking to grow our offering of brands by having in-person, over the phone, through email conversations with other eco-pioneers. 

Help us accomplish this by contacting us with brands you know are doing good.

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2020 +

Our belief as a team and company is that people will do good when provided the option to do so. If we at Adoshi can make doing the right thing as easy as a mouse click, we believe an idea like Adoshi will spread rapidly.

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No bullsh*t. Just products at fair prices that benefit all. No more slave labor, planned obsolescence, or sketchy marketing tricks

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