For every luxury retailer “gone green,” penny donation promised, and life saved by a fresh pair of sneakers--we know how to spot a brand that’s only eco-friendly to your face. And we’re not buying it.

We’re Adoshi.

Adoshi understands that you can’t just shop your way to a better world. But we do get that, sometimes, you need a new pair of jeans or a blanket to stay warm. So we consult with leaders in finance, philanthropy, and philosophy so when that day comes, Adoshi will be here to offer you the most responsible options.

Using a 30-question survey and in-depth interviews, we measure the "good" our brands put into the world. And we chart out each product's contribution, enabling you to search for what you need based on your values and the causes you care about.

Our commitment to ethical practices means we’re knowledge-powered. We prioritize transparency between you and the brands you love by providing access to detailed information on the production, supply chain, environmental impact, and people served by what you buy, before you buy it.

Some of the largest brands in the world are capitalizing on the turn toward ethical, sustainable living. Adoshi is here to make that shift a revolution.