Eleventh Candle Co. is founded by Amber Runyon, who has a lot of desire in her heart to end human trafficking.

Eleventh Candle Co. is a social enterprise based in Columbus, Ohio partnering with the non-profit Legacy Inc. to redeem, restore, empower, and equip those vulnerable to human trafficking, abuse, exploitation and addiction.

It all began for Amber, on a trip to Ethiopia. By trade she was a hospice nurse, but her world would soon turn upside down on a business trip. She witnessed firsthand women who would trade sexual encounters (willingly or forcibly) for bread to feed their children. She couldn’t believe it.

While there, Amber was continually surrounded by deplorable poverty—a poverty that’s hard to understand. War zones, famine, no water, disease and absolute filth. Many people had already pulled out of the area because it was far too dangerous. But somehow, someway, Amber remained, amid a dark, harsh reality. It was then that she met an orphaned street girl named Mulu. The moment she slipped her little hand into Amber’s and looked up at Amber with her big brown eyes, they were connected forever.

Amber dove deeper into her responsibilities on this trip. Between several cry sessions of joy and many cry sessions of despair, Amber connected the dots that women in Ethiopia aren’t much different than trafficked women back home -- Columbus, Ohio. Amber thought to combine desirable products with desirable outcomes, and thus began her days as founder of Eleventh Candle Co.

At Eleventh Candle Co., a once trafficked woman in Columbus, Ohio is employed while a village in Ethiopia is supported and orphaned children there are welcomed into homes because you purchase their products. Thank you!